One Thousand Voices – 1000 videogame developers in a thread

One Thousand Voices by @moshboy, 1000 game developers' Twitter thread

“One Thousand Voices” is a 1000 posts long Twitter thread.

Each post is dedicated to a different videogame developer and I’m thankful for being among them.

@moshboy said that he wanted to “encapsulate everything that videogames can be”. I don’t know if he really managed to do such thing, but he took the plunge and gave to a thousand of us, little interactive-thingie-makers, a voice.

On the post on his Tumblr page, moshboy wrote:

Videogames can be beautiful and chaotic and yet the medium remains largely unexplored. Popular big name AAA releases are discussed endlessly, while just about everything else gets tossed to the side.

My opinion is that no matter how good or bad these games can be, if your voice can be heard in them, then to keep on making them it’s worthy.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a job. It’s fine even if it’s just for you to listen to yourself, for once, and let you analyze your own thoughts about anything, translating it into a game mechanic.

As long as people like moshboy will do this, chances are that these and other thousands voices will be heard.

 Think, create, share, rinse and repeat 

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