About me

Hi there! My name is Christopher Sacchi, often known as LostTrainDude, and I’m an Italian game developer and designer.

Since 2011, mostly thanks to game development competitions, challenges and events such as Global Game JamLudum DareExperimental Gameplay Project, and others.

Currently, I’m mostly working with Adventure Game Studio and Unity.

When I’m not working as a developer for hire, I usually end up developing solo or with other small teams, either as a Designer or as a Programmer.

I have a knack for adventure games and narrative games in general and, every chance I get, I try to include mechanics from such games in every game I work on.

My interest in the genre led me to create a series of Adventure Game Puzzle Design Analyses for some of the games I have enjoyed the most.

I really love to make use of creativity in anything I do (and I feel ugly when – for any reason – I don’t), that’s why you may even find that I experiment both with music and writing, that I both enjoy curating in the games I work on.